Debit Cards

The FNB Community Bank offers its own ATM / Debit Card. It acts as your ATM card and as an electronic check. It may be used anywhere VISA® is accepted and offers additional security by eliminating the need to carry excess cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a debit card?

You may order a debit card by calling us at (618) 283-1141 or visiting any of our 7 locations. Our Customer Service Representatives would be happy to help you!

Can I increase my debit card daily limit?

Yes, you can! You may increase your debit card daily limit by doing one of the following: call us at (618) 283-1141, visit any of our 7 locations, or on your online banking profile. It can be found under the "Manage Cards" tab on online banking.

How can I easily monitor my debit card transactions?

You can monitor all transactions through online banking or on our 24-hour phone banking (1 (888) 283-8767.). On our online banking, you can set up alerts that notify you by text or email when your account has point-of-sale and/or ATM transactions.

How can I add my card to my Mobile Wallet?

A mobile wallet eliminates the need to carry around your physical cards with you. You can simply tap your phone at participating retailers to pay for your purchases.



Do I need to let the bank know if I am traveling?

Yes. Please contact us by calling us at (618) 283-1141, visit us at any of our 7 locations, or submit a secure message on online banking. We will need to know where you plan to visit, the duration of your trip, and if you are flying or driving.

What do I do if my debit card is showing a transaction I don’t recognize or an error in what I was charged?

Please contact us at (618) 283-1141, visit us at any of our 7 locations, or submit a secure message on online banking. If it is a merchant error, please try to resolve it with them first.

To Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card

  • During banking hours, please visit any The FNB Community Bank location or contact us at (618) 283-1141.
  • After banking hours, please contact 1 (844) 202-5333.

You will be asked to verify your identity and your card will then be cancelled. Card re-issuance will be handled by the Bank.

Please call the Bank during banking hours to have a new debit card issued to you.