Business Loans

Business / Commercial Lending

Opening a business, outgrown your old business, or just updating your current business? We know things happen and The FNB Community Bank wants to help you be prepared for all the yearly expenses that are involved with running a successful business.

Our loan options include:

  • Operating Line of Credit
  • Equipment Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

Ag Lending

Whether you are an established or start-up farmer, we realize the costs that go into a successful operation. When you need funding for input cost, farm ground, or your equipment, The FNB Community Bank is here to help.

Our loan options include:

  • Real Estate Loan
  • Farm Operating Line of Credit
  • Equipment Loans
  • Farmer Mac Loans
  • FSA Loans

Beneficial Ownership Rule Requirements

The federal government now requires that all financial institutions identify and verify the individuals ( also known as beneficial owners ) who own or control the bank's legal entity customers when opening new accounts ( deposits, loans, and safe deposit boxes ). They also consider loan renewals and certificate of deposit ( CD ) renewals as new accounts. To comply with the new law for legal entity customers, we will need a completed Certification of Beneficial Owner(s) form and copies of unexpired government-issued photo IDs with current physical addresses for each beneficial owner listed on the form prior to account opening or loan / CD renewal.



Meet Your Loan Officer

  • Steven Henna smiling for the camera
    Steve Henna
    Chief Lending Officer

    432 W. Gallatin St.
    Vandalia , Illinois 62471
    Phone: (618) 283-5242


  • Jennifer Lay smiling for the camera
    Jennifer Lay
    Loan Officer

    227 S. Superior St.
    Ramsey , Illinois 62080
    Phone: (618) 423-2396

    MLO# 420373



  • Joe Schaal wearing a dark suit and smiling for the camera
    Joe Schaal
    Commercial Loan Officer

    432 W. Gallatin St.
    Vandalia , Illinois 62471
    Phone: (618) 283-5264


  • Steve Hickerson wearing a dark suit
    Steve Hickerson
    Commercial Loan Officer

    209 Railroad St.
    Patoka , Illinois 62875
    Phone: (618) 283-5202


  • Ty McNary wearing a white shirt and red tie
    Ty McNary
    Commercial Loan Officer

    432 W. Gallatin St.
    Vandalia , Illinois 62471
    Phone: (618) 283-5243


  • Quinton Wadkins smiling for the camera
    Quinton Wadkins
    Mortgage Loan Supervisor

    432 W. Gallatin St.
    Vandalia, IL 62471
    Phone: (618) 283-5269




  • Clinton Hood smiling for the camera
    Clinton Hood
    Loan Officer

    432 W. Gallatin St.
    Vandalia , Illinois 62471
    Phone: (618) 283-5239


  • Lauren Robison smiling for the camera
    Lauren Robison
    Loan Officer

    1310 E. City Route 40
    Greenville , Illinois 62246
    Phone: (618) 664-0300

    MLO# 2080440



  • Kayla Crabtree
    Consumer Loan Originator

    432 W Gallatin St
    Vandalia , Illinois 62471
    Phone: (618) 283-1141

    NMLS# 2315016




Joe Schaal standing next to a 4 H member

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