Checking Accounts

The perfect account is right around the corner - read how we can help you move, manage, and maximize your money!


Green Account

An account that rewards for banking eco-friendly via debit card usage and requires e-statements.

  • Minimum Opening Balance: $100.00
  • Interest: The starting APY is 0.20% on the first $50,000 and an APY of 0.15% on the remaining balance.
  • ATM Surcharge Fees Refunds: We will refund up to $12.00 / month in ATM surcharge fee refunds.
  • Debit Card POS Swipes: The customer will receive a 0.25% rebate on all debit card point of sale swipes. There is a maximum rebate of $100.00 per statement period.
  • Debit Card: There is not a debit card monthly fee.
  • Free E-Statements: E-Statements are paperless statements that can be viewed online with our simple and convenient online banking platform.


First Club

A checking account that offers interest and waived fees with certain qualifications.

  • Minimum Opening Balance: $100.00
  • Interest: The starting APY is 0.10%
  • Checks: The customer is eligible for one free box of checks per calendar year.
  • Debit Card: There is not a debit card monthly fee.
  • Minimum Balance Charge: There is a $6.00 minimum balance charge. The charge is waived if a minimum balance of $500.00 is maintained. The charge is waived for seniors 65 and older.






Regular Checking

A standard account for your basic checking account needs.

  • Minimum Opening Balance: $25.00
  • Interest: This is a non-interest-bearing account.
  • Debit Card: The debit card monthly fee is $1.00
  • Activity Fee: There will be a $0.15 charge for each debit and credit transaction if the daily balance falls below $500. This activity fee will be waived for those age 65 or older if the depositor notifies the bank when age 65 is attained.


Student Checking

A checking account made specifically for high school and college students.

  • Minimum Opening Balance: $15.00
  • Interest: This is a non-interest bearing account.
  • Checks: The first book of checks is free.
  • Fees: There are no maintenance or activity fees.
  • Requirements: This account is available to students ages 16 through 24. If they are under age 18, they will need a parent or guardian to sign with them. After age 24, they may still be eligible for the program if they provide verification of full-time student status.


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Money Market

This account is an option for those who need to write a limited number of checks each month and are wanting to earn higher interest than a standard checking account.

  • Minimum Opening Balance: $1,000.00
  • Service Fees: $10.00 is imposed if the account balance falls below $1,000.00 at any time during the statement cycle.
  • Interest: Compounded daily and credited to your account monthly. The interest rate and annual percentage yield are subject to change by The FNB Community Bank at any time.
  • Minimum Balance: $1,000.00 must be maintained in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield.
  • Withdrawals: No restrictions on the number or type of withdrawals.


All Accounts Include

  • Free Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Free 24-Hour Telephone Banking
  • Free Online Check Images
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Overdraft privilege is available with any checking account to those who qualify
  •  Visa FirstCheck ATM / Debit Cards are available to those who qualify


Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Privilege is a service we offer to checking accounts to cover overdrafts up to a set limit for those who qualify. With Overdraft Privilege, we will generally pay your overdraft items up to $500. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay.

When we pay an overdraft item for you, you will be charged our normal $30 fee for each item that is presented (maximum $120 per day). You may be suspended or removed immediately from this service if you do not bring your account to a positive balance within a 30 day period.

Overdraft Privilege will be available for all checks written, in-person withdrawals, and ACH items. This service requires you to complete an opt-in form and approval is based on your creditworthiness.

Please see a customer service representative at any of our branches for this form.


Ready to Order More Checks?

There are many ways to reorder checks! You may order more checks on our online banking under the "Messages and Requests" tab or you can call or visit any of our 7 branches. Our Customer Service Representatives would be happy to help you! Or, you may click the link below and place your order!


Reorder Checks



Documents Needed to Open a Personal Account

  • Driver's License, State ID, or Passport (must be unexpired, government issued, and contain a photo)
  • Social security number
  • If the address on the photo ID does not match your current address, please bring proof of current address such as a Utility bill, R.E Tax form, or other document with the correct address.