Online Banking

View your account balances, account history, transfer funds between accounts, submit a stop payment, and reorder checks on our Online Banking service whenever and wherever you choose.


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  • View your Accounts: 1:44
  • Transfers / Pay Bills Tab: 2:55
  • Mobile Deposit: 6:57
  • Manage Debit Cards: 7:43
  • Find Locations: 8:15
  • Messages & Requests: 8:28
  • Manage Alerts: 9:10
  • Reports: 10:15
  • Statements & Documents: 10:38
  • Personal Finance Management: 11:15
  • Settings: 11:57


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Mobile Banking

Our mobile app offers instant access to your account information without the mess of computer cords.

FNB Mobile Banking Allows You To

  • Deposit checks.
  • Check your balance.
  • Transfer funds.
  • View your account history.
  • Pay bills.
  • Find nearby locations.


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In your app store, search FNB Vandalia to download the app to get started today! 

Note: You must be enrolled in Online Banking to be able to use the mobile app. 

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Payroll Services

Payroll information can be transmitted to The FNB Community Bank using our Electronic Banking for Business.

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Bill Pay

Add Bill Pay onto your Online Banking and you can pay all your bills from anywhere you have access to the Internet - even while on vacation or on business trips.

From the Payment Center You Can

  • Schedule and view payments from different accounts.
  • Set up helpful reminders in the Bill Reminders area.
  • Cancel payments.
  • View payment history in the Recent Payments box.

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a man drinking coffee and looking at his e statement on a laptop computer

GO Green with E-statements!

E-Statements are an electronic version of your monthly bank statement. It is the easiest, most secure way to view your current and past monthly statements.

You can sign up for e-statements through online banking. 



Benefits of E-Statements

  • Eliminate paper clutter- organize account statements electronically.
  • Access your statements for up to 2 years from wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • View statements as soon as you are notified via email that the account is available for viewing.
  • Help the environment by reducing paper consumption.
  • Protect against identity theft- less paper to shred and fewer account documents in your mailbox.


Mobile Check Deposit

A newly added feature to our existing mobile banking that will make your banking experience easier than ever before! No matter where you are!

woman making a mobile deposit using her smartphone



Deposit a Check

A check can be deposited by uploading images of the check taken with the device's camera.

  1. Click Menu in the lower left corner
  2. Select Deposit Checks on the main menu.

There is currently a daily limit of $2,500 per item and / or $2,500 per day.

When endorsing your check for mobile check deposit, the following items MUST be on the endorsement:

  • your signature
  • the words: For Mobile Deposit Only
  • the date you are making the deposit
  1. Select the Front Icon and then Back Icon to capture images of the check. 

    These icons will launch the camera application. 
  2. Take a picture of each side of the check. 
  3. Select OK to accept the image or X to retake the image.
  4. After you accept both images, enter the check amount and the account to deposit to.

    For the transaction receipt delivery, your email address on file is filled in by default, but can be edited if necessary.
  5. When acceptable front and back check images are displayed on the screen and all required information has been entered, select Continue.

  6. Select Deposit Check to complete the deposit process.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please keep the physical check for 60 days to ensure there are no errors with the deposit.

Cancel a Check Deposit

  1. Select Cancel after initiating the check deposit process.
  2. Select yes when prompted to confirm deposit cancellation.

View Check Deposit History

  1. Select the Recent button on the main check deposit screen.

    By selecting a transaction in the history, the details of the deposit, including the check images, will be displayed.