Certain ATMs Temporarily Disabled

To our Customers,

FNB Community Bank was notified Thursday evening, Sept 21, that our 3rd party ATM vendor experienced a cybersecurity event.

Although we are certain this event did not affect our banking customers, our response has been to disable all of our ATM’s other than the ATM’s at Banker Blvd in Vandalia and Fast Stop in Patoka. These 2 ATM’s run different software and cannot possibly be affected.

Update: Service to all ATM's has been restored except for 8th Street, Kahunas, the Patoka branch, and the Mulberry Grove branch.

We have taken these steps out of an abundance of caution because protecting and safeguarding our customers private information and assets is of paramount importance.

We understand that with the upcoming weekend this will be quite inconvenient but we will not enable ATM activity until we are absolutely certain that our customers data is not affected by this event.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

The FNB Community Bank