Electronic Banking

Bill Pay

You can pay all your bills from anywhere you have access to the Internet- even while on vacation or on business trips.

From the Payment Center you can:

- Schedule and view payments from different accounts

- Set up helpful reminders in the Bill Reminders area

- Cancel payments

- View payment history in the Recent Payments box

To get started:

  1. Click on the tab titled Payments at the top left of your screen.
  2. Click Add a Bill.  A bill/biller is any person or company, to which you make payments to, such as utility providers, credit card companies or even other people. TIP: Have a bill or statement from each biller handy.  You will need to know your account number and their address and phone number.  For Quick Bill Setup, only your account number and phone number are needed.
  3. Select the format you’d like to use for entering your bill information- either Company with an account number, Company without an account number or Person.  Then click Continue.
  4. Enter the requested information.  Click Search.
  5. If the company or person is correct, enter the account information requested and Click Continue.

To schedule payments:

  1. Click the Payment Center link.
  2. Enter the amount due for each bill.
  3. The earliest available payment date is displayed. (Please note: The earliest available date is determined by the bill pay processor, not the bank.)  Select the date you wish to pay the bill.
    • If the payment is due on a weekend or holiday, schedule it for the nearest prior business day.
  4. Click Send Payments
  5. Click Submit Payments
  6. Click Finished

To schedule automatic or recurring payments:

  1. Click the Payment Center link
  2. Click the Manage My Bills link. 
  3. Click the dropdown list of biller names and choose the biller you would like to automatically pay.
  4. Click Add an automatic payment.
  5. Enter the first payment amount.
  6. Enter the first payment date.
  7. Enter the number of payments, the last payment date or select Pay until further notice.

To set-up a Bill Reminder:

  1. Click the Payment Center link
  2. Click Setup Reminders
  3. Choose the Biller Name from the drop-down
  4. Choose Add an automatic payment
  5. Fill in the requested information and Click Set Up Payment

To Cancel a Payment

  1. Click the Payment Center link
  2. The Pending Payments on the right side of the screen Click Cancel a scheduled payment.
  3. On the next screen Click Cancel Payment

To View Bill History

  1. Click the Payment Center link
  2. Click View History on the bottom right of the Recent Payments box.
  3. Select the option in the Current History dropdown box

GO Green with E-statements!

(Electronic version of your bank statements.) More and more of our customers are opting to receive their monthly account statements electronically, rather than in paper form.  As well as saving the paper for the statement, you will receive your statement much more quickly than if it is mailed.  For instance, if your statement is printed on Friday, you may not receive it until Tuesday or Wednesday through regular mail.  Receiving your statement via email would make it available the next day. 

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