Current Notices

Visit FNB's Winter Wonderland with Santa & Mrs. Claus on Saturday, December 16, 9 - 11 a.m. at the Financial Center.

Fraud Alerts

The holidays bring out the bad boys and girls on Santa's list. Cyber-scammers are working in overdrive during this time of the year.

Beginning with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and continuing through December, cyber-criminals are hoping to take advantage of shoppers.

At the moment, there are too-good-to-be-true coupons that offer complimentary phones or tablets all over sites on the Internet. Don't fall for it. Make sure the offers are from a legitimate company. Be wary of alerts via email or text that you just received a package from FedEx, UPS or the US Mail, and then asks you for some personal information. Don't enter anything. Think Before You Click!

Be suspicious of bulk email with unbelievable "buy now" offers and anything that looks slightly "off". If you think you might have been scammed, stay calm and call your credit card company, and get a new one.