Electronic Banking

Mobile banking combines the free, instant account access without the computer cords and connections.

Four ways you can access your account from your mobile device:

  • iPhone or Android phone application
  • text banking (SMS)
  • Mobile Demo - See the Demomobile web browser
  • iPad application


FNB Mobile Banking allows you to:            

FNB Mobile Banking Service FAQ's click here...



  • Go to the app store on your phone (iPhone & iPad: App Store; Android: Google Play)
  • Search for "First National Bank Vandalia" or "FNB Mobile"
  • Download the App
  • Sign in with current online banking credentials
  • Answer security questions
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Enter phone number (iPad users will not see this screen)
  • Click Enroll and start banking from your mobile phone!

ENROLLMENT & ACTIVATING TEXT BANKING (all text banking users):

  • Log into Online Banking on a PC/Laptop/NotePad
  • Click on the “User Services” tab
  • In the Manage Account section, click on the Mobile Enrollment link
    • NOTE: Be sure your browser is set to allow pop-ups, otherwise the Mobile Enrollment link will not work properly
  • Enter your Carrier, Phone Number, and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Follow the On-Screen instructions to the Activation Page – here, each user will receive a six-digit Activation Code
    • This code is good for up to 24 hours, after which, a new Activation Code can be retrieved from the Mobile Enrollment window
  • Upon receipt of the Activation Code, a text will arrive to the newly enrolled device prompting the user to reply with the activation code
  • Once the code authenticated, two more text messages will arrive
    • 1 – Confirming authentication and activation of text banking (at this point, text banking is enabled and functional)
    • 2 – Providing the Mobile Browser/WAP link

ACTIVATING THE MOBILE BROWSER/WAP APPLICATION (all phones with mobile browser capabilities):

  • Click on the link provided during the text activation process; OR, type https://mBanking.firstdata.com/wap/home/fnbvil/en into the phone’s browser
  • Provide Activation Code and Phone Number when prompted
  • Provide Access ID and Password
  • Bookmark this page if possible

(for all supported Blackberry Devices – see last page of Product Guide for details):

  • Access the Mobile Browser/WAP login screen (see steps above)
  • All supported Blackberry devices will see a 4th link, “Download First National Bank Vandalia Mobile Application”
  • Follow the on-device instructions to install
  • Provide Activation Code and Phone Number when prompted
  • Provide Access ID and Password

To log on to Mobile Banking, enter your online banking Access ID and Password.

Once you are logged into the mobile banking application, the following activities can be performed:

To deposit checks, click here!

To check your account balance(s):

  • Click View Accounts
  • Select the account you wish to see the balance for

To transfer funds:

  • Click Transfer Funds
  • Click Between Your Accounts
  • Select the Account you would like to transfer from
  • Select the Account you would like to transfer to
  • Enter the transfer Amount and click Next
  • Approve or Cancel the Transfer

To view your account history:

  • Click View Accounts
  • Select the Account you wish to see the balance for
  • Select Recent Activity

To pay bills:

  • Click Pay Bills (Please note: Bills can only be created through Online Banking.  Once created, payees can be paid by using Mobile Banking. 
  • Here you have the option to Pay a Bill, check Scheduled Payments (see below), or view Recent Payments (see below)
  • To Pay a Bill, select which Payee you wish to send a payment to
  • Select the Account that you want the payment to be taken out of
  • Enter the Payment Amount, the Date to Send the payment, and a Memo if desired and click Next
  • Confirm or Cancel Bill Payment

If you want to check Scheduled Payments or Cancel a Pending Payment, select Scheduled Payments under the Pay Bills option on the main screen.  A list of all scheduled payments will appear.  Select the Payment you wish to see.

If you want to view Recent Payments, select Recent Payments under the Pay Bills option on the main screen.  A list of recent payments will appear.  Select the Payment you wish to see.

To find nearby locations:

  • Click Find ATM/Branch
  • Choose by Zip Code or by Address
  • Enter the Zip Code or the Address and select the Location Type (ATM, Branch or All)
  • Select the Result you want to see.  Each result will provide an address, phone number, and the option to view the location on a map.

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