Residential Real Estate Loans

First National provides the following types of home loans:

Fixed-Rate Long Term - Long term fixed-rate mortgages provide a customer with a long-term, fixed rate over the life of the loan. Fixed-rate mortgages are available in 10, 15, 20 and 30 year terms.

Zero Down - Qualified applicants can purchase a home with zero money down. This program is offered through the USDA.  Approval is subject to USDA Rural Development guidelines.

Flexible Mortgages - Qualified applicants can purchase a home with zero money down or a small down payment with Flexible Mortgages offered through Fannie Mae.  Approval is subject to Automated Underwriting.

Adjustable Rate - Long term loans with interest rate adjustments made at scheduled dates. Interest rate caps limit the interest rate fluctuation that can affect your loan. The maximum interest rates your loan could be subject to are stated in the original loan agreement.

Balloon - These loans have a fixed rate and monthly payment for a predetermined time period. Once the balloon matures, you may choose to refinance the balance or pay it in full.

Print and fill out a mortgage application.  After completing the application, bring to any First National Bank Location.

Mortgage Application

Mortgage Loan Officers

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For personal loan assistance, please contact any First National Bank Location.

To help determine which loan type will be best for the type of purchase being made or a particular need, we encourage you to contact your FNB loan officer in advance.

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