ACH Direct Deposit

ACH Origination for Businesses

The FNB Community Bank's Electronic Banking for Business can help a business use cost-effective electronic payment options. Many employees today prefer direct deposit of their payroll check.

Electronic Banking for Business allows a business of any size or number of employees to pay using a direct deposit system. Payroll information can be transmitted to The FNB Community Bank using .

Additional Options

In addition to Payroll Direct Deposit to any financial institution, Electronic Banking for Business options include:

  • Cash Management Services – Transfer funds within and between financial institutions.
  • Collect Payments – Including utility payments and organizational dues.
  • Child Support / Other Wage Garnishment Payments – The system can be used to quickly forward these payments automatically.
  • Collect Donations – Members of an organization may choose to make regular, automatic donations.
  • Tax Payments – ACH transfers to cover local, state and federal tax payments.

Ongoing Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
Monthly Maintenance Fee $15.00
ACH Credit / Debit Transaction (each) $0.12
Prenotification (each) $0.12
Tax Payment (each) $0.12

Exception Item Handling

Fee Type Fee Amount
Returned Item (each) $5.00

Schedule of fees subject to change annually. Notice of any changes will be provided 30 days in advance.

For More Information on ACH Direct Deposits

For more information, please contact Cynthia Autenrieth at The FNB Community Bank in Vandalia.