Business Checking

This account is a non-interest bearing checking account with earning power.

Earning power is computed on the lowest monthly balance (rounded down to the nearest $50) on statement cycle day and deducted from the activity fee (.10% of low monthly balance).  For instance, if your lowest balance was $7,545, the earning power is .10% of $7,500 (rounded down) or $7.50.  The earning power is credited to your account if there are activity fees.  Debit and Credit activity fees are debited to your account.  For example:

Debit Activity fee (checks)  (30 @ $.15)  $4.50
Credit Activity fee (deposits) (10 @ $.15)  $1.50
Earning power ($7,500 x .10%) $7.50 (earning power is greater than fees, no charge this month)


Debit Activity fee (checks)  (50 @ $.15) $7.50
Credit Activity fee (deposits) (10 @ $.15) $1.50
Earning power   $7.50  (earning power is less, so account would be charged $1.50)

Fees are assessed as follows:

Activity Fee:  $.15 per debit/credit includes ACH less earning power credit*
Non-sufficient Funds: $30 per item:  $120 per day maximum
Overdraft Fee: $30 per item:  $120 per day maximum
Stop Payments  $30 per item
Returned Deposit Item: $  5 per item
Special Statement:  $  2 each

Full translation of expanded addenda records (Electronic Data Interchange) attached to ACH payments is available upon request.

Fees for other special services will be priced upon request.

Electronic banking services such as direct deposit payroll, tax payments, and cash management are available.  Further information is available upon request.

Walk-up night depository, drive-up night depository and ATM Locations are available at various locations.  Deposits are picked up at the locations and available for customer pickup by 9:30 a.m. each day.  Night deposit bags are available at no charge.

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