Life Planning

The First Steps

All parents want to start their children off on the right step. One of the important first steps parents can teach their children is the importance of saving money. The FNB Community Bank offers a variety of accounts to meet your child's needs.

In addition to giving your child a financial education, you can also finance an education through a variety of programs.

Steps for Students

When it comes to your financial future, the steps you take during your school years can move you ahead on the road to your financial goals. A student checking account at The FNB Community Bank offers benefits to assist you in navigating towards your future goals.

In addition, our Trust Department can help you advance with the many scholarship opportunities available.

The Next Steps

As you step into your career, The FNB Community Bank offers tools to maximize your earnings years. The FNB Community Bank wants to be your partner as you plan your financial future.

The Big Steps

You have taken the big step and started a family. Your financial plan has widened to include children and what is best for them and the future of your family.

The FNB Community Bank has products available to help you manage your money and take those steps into the future.

Countdown to Retirement

What do you think of when you think retirement? Each individual has a vision of what they imagine their retirement will be like. Retirement may take place in steps and each will come with its own set of choices. Will you continue working for wages or as a consultant? Will now be the time to become your own boss? Do you plan to totally leave the work force and perhaps volunteer for your favorite cause? As you approach this stage in life, a key step will be proper planning.

Move Closer to Your Goal

We offer accounts for whatever step you are in your retirement process.

Let Us Help You Reach Your Goal

When was the last time you reviewed your financial plan?