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ACH Direct Deposit

ACH Origination for Businesses

First National Bank's Electronic Banking for Business can help a business use cost-effective electronic payment options. Many employees today prefer direct deposit of their payroll check.

Electronic Banking for Business allows a business of any size or number of employees to pay using a direct deposit system. Payroll information can be transmitted to First National Bank using a computer and modem or by using a touch-tone phone.

Additional Options

In addition to Payroll Direct Deposit to any financial institution, Electronic Banking for Business options include:

  • Cash Management Services – Transfer funds within and between financial institutions.
  • Collect Payments – Including utility payments and organizational dues.
  • Child Support / Other Wage Garnishment Payments – The system can be used to quickly forward these payments automatically.
  • Collect Donations – Members of an organization may choose to make regular, automatic donations.
  • Tax Payments – ACH transfers to cover local, state and federal tax payments.

Schedule of Fees

One-Time Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
PC Software Installation and Training $150.00
Internet Setup $25.00

Ongoing Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
Monthly Maintenance Fee $15.00
File Transmission (each) $4.00
ACH Credit / Debit Transaction (each) $0.10
Prenotification (each) $0.10
Tax Payment (each) $1.00

Exception Item Handling

Fee Type Fee Amount
Returned Item (each) $5.00
Notification of Change (NOC) (each) $3.00
Deletion and Reversal (each) $3.00
Late Payroll Transmission (each) $50.00

Schedule of fees subject to change annually. Notice of any changes will be provided 30 days in advance.

For More Information on ACH Direct Deposits

For more information or a free demonstration, please contact Cynthia Autenrieth at First National Bank in Vandalia.

For More Information

Please call (618) 283-1141 to speak with our Customer Service personnel.